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We design libre / open source fonts. Learn more and contribute to the adventure of Velvetyne by reading our “about” page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The fonts

  • What does “open source” mean?
    • All the fonts hosted on Velvetyne are libre and open-source. This means that you can :
      1. use them
      2. modify them
      3. redistribute them
      4. redistribute the modified versions.
      These rules are true for all personal and commercial works. 
  • What can I do with your fonts?
    • Velvetyne fonts can be utilized across a spectrum of mediums: posters, logos, magazines, websites, apps, t-shirts, music videos, bike trailers… Remember to credit the type designer and our foundry whenever you employ one of our fonts. Should any aspect of our fonts not align with your preferences or requirements, you are at liberty to modify it to suit your needs. In such instances, it’s necessary to redistribute your creation under the same license as the original typeface. Feel free to send us the modified versions of our fonts; we welcome your forks!”
  • I wanted to use one of your typefaces, but it lacks some characters I need. What can I do?
    • Our fonts are libre, which means you have the freedom to modify and enhance them by adding missing glyphs. If you’ve created an upgraded version, please email us with your new iteration, as we might be interested in releasing this enhanced version. If you lack the skills for font modification or don’t have access to someone with those skills, simply reach out to us (or directly to the font’s author) via email. We’ll assess what assistance we can offer, whether free or for a fee, based on the extent of work required.
  • I want to use one of your fonts, but I can’t credit. What should I do?
    • We understand that it’s sometimes challenging to credit our fonts, especially for logos, on small-print surfaces or promotional materials. In such cases, you can utilize our fonts without credit on the product, but it’s essential to mention the font’s name, the author, and the foundry whenever you publish photos of the product online (on the product’s page, Instagram posts, or your portfolio page). For instance: ‘Terminal Grotesque by Raphaël Bastide (Velvetyne Type Foundry)’ (or a similar formula). When sharing images of your creations on Instagram, or Mastodon featuring Velvetyne fonts, you can tag us or use the #velvetyne_type_foundry hashtag, allowing us to discover them. If you regularly use our fonts for commercial projects, consider making a donation, though it’s not obligatory..
  • Does making a donation exempt me from crediting a typeface?
    • Donations are greatly appreciated as they support our ongoing activities, website maintenance, and the development of new, exciting projects. However, they do not replace the requirement for crediting. Therefore, no donation can exempt you from crediting. Get more informations about donations
  • Can I truly do anything I want with your fonts?
    • Even if you could, which you can’t, it doesn’t mean you should. We emphasize not just the legal aspects but also ethical and cultural values. Please respect and align with these values. Remember, behind this website are individuals who have feelings and invest time and effort to create a better universe. Consider their perspective before exploiting their work.

The catalogue

  • Are you releasing typefaces from people you don’t know yet?
    • Yes, if you want to distribute your work through Velvetyne, please send us an email at, and we will gladly review your proposal. Velvetyne aims to diversify the landscape of type design, not only in shapes but also in faces. We welcome submissions from everyone, regardless of gender, nationality, or education.
  • What kind of typefaces do you release?
    • We are seeking typefaces that significantly differ from what is currently in our catalogue to introduce contrast. However, they should embody the punk spirit synonymous with VTF. Remember, Velvetyne is a haven for atypical fonts—we welcome submissions of pattern-fonts, illegible styles, or any weird projects you might have tucked away. As part of our commitment to diversity, we encourage submissions covering any under-represented script.
  • How do you decide if a submission will be released or not?
    • The core team makes collective decisions regarding upcoming fonts through an anonymous voting process. A typeface must secure at least 2/3 of the votes to be released. Our criteria include the originality of the typeface, the concept or narrative behind its creation, its compatibility with our existing catalogue, the quality of its design, and the rationale for releasing it as an open-source font.
  • What are the technical required?
    • We utilize a specific character set as a reference for Latin fonts (you can download it from this GitLab repository), but we’re flexible if certain glyphs are missing. Many of our typefaces are incomplete, and if you’re capable, you can suggest improvements. Moreover, every VTF typeface must feature a VTF monogram!

The team

  • Who does run Velvetyne?
    • Over the years, the VTF collective has undergone growth and transformation, continuously evolving as it welcomed new active members and showcased fresh designers. Its form remains fluid, never static. Originating in 2010 through the initiative of Frank Adebiaye, who extended invitations to fellow type enthusiasts, the Velvetyne collective emerged and has since expanded to encompass a commendable cadre of 12 intrepid glyph conjurers.
    • The Velveteam delineates into two intersecting cohorts: the directing collective engages daily in discussions through their myriad chats, deliberating on the foundry’s trajectory, upcoming releases, forthcoming workshops, and optimal font licensing. Conversely, the published designers contribute their fonts to the catalog but do not partake in foundry decisions. Throughout the years, Velvetyne has cultivated numerous friendships, some of which orbit the foundry like satellites, or where the foundry orbits them. An incomplete list of this extended family can be found here.
  • What software do you use to create the actual font files?
    • It depends! We encourage the use of free/open source softwaers but the typedesign chooses his own design process. We often try to publish blog posts to explain that process on our website. If you want to be distributed on VTF, sharing an inspiring process can really be a plus! Check the News section if you want to learn more about our fonts.
  • Where are you from?
    • Most of us hail from France (Paris, Annecy, Nancy…) and still reside there, while some of our members live in Belgium or Germany. If you’re interested in meeting us for a potential drink or collaboration, there’s a chance that a Velvetyne member might be close to your city!
  • How do you manage to sustain a living?
    • Velvetyne is a side project—a significant one for some of our members, but fundamentally, it’s not aimed at generating substantial profits. Therefore, each Velvetyne member holds an activity, either within a company or as a freelancer, to support their livelihoods. If you’d like to assist us in sustaining this project for the future, please consider making a donation.
  • Do you take interns?
    • We sometimes do !

The workshops

  • When and where will the next workshop take place?
    • You can keep informed by following us on social networks or by subscribing to our newsletter.
    • We also post an ad on our workshops page when one is planned soon.
  • Would you like to come to my town/school to conduct a workshop?
    • Of course! If the context allows and a portion of the Velvetyne team is available to conduct a workshop at your school, we’ll be happy to organize it with you