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Be suspicious if you hear your phone ring once.

sligoil micro

Be suspicious if you hear your phone ring once.

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Published on April 22, 2022

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Sligoil is a monospace typeface. It has been designed for the interface of the Unknown Number game, published by Godolphin Games. "Sligoil" is also the name of an evil fictional company within the game.

The Sligoil typeface has been influenced by the culture of the British isles (the work of Matthew Carter, of course, but also signs on Irish whiskey distilleries) and also by the letters on vintage Space Cadet keyboards (produced by the MIT). It presents wide language support for Latin-based European languages and a collection of symbols and alternate forms (including upright italic letters).

Sligoil is a funky monospace typeface with large inktraps. Sligoil was created originally for the interface of an indie videogame called Unknown Number, published by Godolphin Games. "Sligoil" is also the name of a (fictional) evil company within the game. Cheers!
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Corporate Memphis est un terme utilisé (parfois péjorativement) pour décrire un style artistique plat et géométrique, largement utilisé dans les illustrations des GAFAM à la fin des années 2010 et au début des années 2020. Les motifs courants sont des personnages en action, dessinés de manière plate, aux caractéristiques disproportionnées tels que des membres longs et courbés, et des traits du visage minimalistes. Le style a été critiqué pour son caractère générique, galvaudé, et sa tentative d'aseptiser la perception du public en présentant l'interaction humaine avec un optimisme utopique. Il est également connu sous les noms de style Alegria, style Big Tech et style d'art d'entreprise (en anglais, Corporate art style).
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"No thanks to this muppet on the phone. Anyone would think you wanted us dead."
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