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Your rights


You have the right to choose this font for any use you could imagine, personal or commercial, on every media. Velvetyne fonts can be used on any medium : poster, logo, magazine, website, app, t-shirt, videoclip, truck…


You have the right to study and to modify this typeface.


You have the right to redistribute this typeface and your modifications if you use the same license as the original

Your powers


You can support our activity, and our engagement, by making a donation. Thus we will be able to continue designing and releasing new fonts regularly.
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You can ask us to draw new glyphs for a font or to redraw it entirely according to your needs. See our custom projects.


You can share this font with your friends and pay us with visibility, yay!

Your duties


You have to mention the creator of this typeface and Velvetyne in the credits of your project. Read more about this question on our F.A.Q. If you’re unable to include credits in your commercial project, contact us.

Send in use

You can send us your creations when you’ll use this typeface. Thus, we can see them and publish them on our website and our social medias.