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Jgs font

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jgs font

High Score 250 PLAYER 1


High Score 250 PLAYER 1


High Score 250 PLAYER 1


High Score 250 PLAYER 1

jgs 1

High Score 250 PLAYER 1

jgs5 1

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jgs7 1

High Score 250 PLAYER 1

jgs font 1

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jgs 2

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jgs5 2

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jgs7 2

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jgs font 2

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Published on May 30, 2023

Ce contenu existe en Français

Jgs Font is a font family made as a tribute to Joan G. Stark (a.k.a. jgs, Spunk), pioneer of ASCII art. 

This font has been specifically designed to draw ASCII art. Its bitmap look and its shapes accentuate the ambiguity between text and drawing. The "graphic" properties of the characters have been exaggerated depending on the way ASCII artists use them.

The glyphs that make up Jgs Font can be combined from one character to the next in line or from one line to another. It allows, by association of characters, to produce continuous lines, curves, frames, patterns, levels of gray.

In order to be able to change body size while maintaining these pixel-perfect continuity effects, the family is available in three fonts.

Jgs5 for body text sizes that are a multiple of 10 : 10px, 20px, 30px etc. Jgs7 for body text sizes that are a multiple of 14 : 14px, 28px, 42px etc. Jgs9 for body text sizes that are a multiple of 18 : 18px, 36px, 54px etc.

For better results, the body size and the leading need to have exactly the same value and correspond to the multiples cited above.

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