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The Velvetyne Team, illustrated by Louise Drul

Over the years, the VTF collective has undergone growth and transformation, continuously evolving as it welcomed new active members and showcased fresh designers. Its form remains fluid, never static. Originating in 2010 through the initiative of Frank Adebiaye, who extended invitations to fellow type enthusiasts, the Velvetyne collective emerged and has since expanded to encompass a commendable cadre of 12 intrepid glyph conjurers.

The Velveteam delineates into two intersecting cohorts: the directing collective engages daily in discussions through their myriad chats, deliberating on the foundry’s trajectory, upcoming releases, forthcoming workshops, and optimal font licensing. Conversely, the published designers contribute their fonts to the catalog but do not partake in foundry decisions. Throughout the years, Velvetyne has cultivated numerous friendships, some of which orbit the foundry like satellites, or where the foundry orbits them. An incomplete list of this extended family can be found here.

The Velveteam

The Alumni