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Sun Young Oh


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Published on February 18, 2021

This content exists in English

Anthony is a typeface designed by Sun Young Oh and inspired from artworks by British sculptor Anthony Caro. The form of this typeface comes from his sculptures that are leaning against each other.

The typeface is packed with alternates for most letters that are pseudo-randomly picked when you write some text.

Sir Anthony Alfred Caro OM CBE (8 March 1924 – 23 October 2013) was an English abstract sculptor whose work is characterised by assemblages of metal using 'found' industrial objects. His style was of the modernist school, having worked with Henry Moore early in his career. He was lauded as the greatest British sculptor of his generation. His work Veduggio Glimpse, on loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is currently on display as part of Landmarks, the public art program of The University of Texas at Austin.
THE main office of the Dodge Manufacturing Company hummed with activity. Six typewriters were trembling under a high-speed pounding; shipping-clerks scurried hither and thither; bookkeepers buried their noses deeper in the pages of stuffy ledgers and ostentatiously displayed ink-smeared finger-tips. Even the office-boy temporarily paused in his enthralling pastime of carving the credit man's quartered-oak desk to answer the stentorian call of the filing-clerk, an underling ordinarily beneath his notice. Then Mr. Thaddeus Dodge, president of the company, finished his stroll through the general office and slammed the door of his private sanctum. Six typewriter keys were hit with a final aggressive bang; six stenographers leaned back and rearranged their hair into more fluffy array. Bookkeepers straightened their bent backs and drummed tattooes with their pens. The office-boy abruptly paused in his mission for the filing-clerk and consigned that worthy to the lower regions. One of the bookkeepers shivered slightly. "When the old man sails through this here office," he vouchsafed, "I gets the shivers!" His fellow slaves of the high stools tittered—with one exception. To Jim Lynch, the head bookkeeper, any mention of the great Dodge in terms other than those of reverence savored of heresy. Yet Jim said nothing. Mechanically he dipped his pen in the ink-well and prepared for more of the never-ending grind
Black Cover Flat (1974)
Prefabricated metal parts?
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