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Over the last few years, the landscape of libre typography has grown considerably richer. We’ve seen a wave of new foundries and collections popping up, each bringing fresh ideas and styles to the table that we’ve been really into. But, there’s been some not-so-great stuff too. We observe some big — unscrupulous — companies, and projects that diverge from our convictions. Some of them have gotten huge, seemingly with the goal of dominating the digital typography market. Others have exploited free licences putting together font collections with the aim of generating traffic or profits by reselling advertising space on their sites, without the consent of the creators and libre foundries.

At Velvetyne, we’re all about promoting a more ethical approach to libre typography. We believe in respecting creators’ consent and celebrating the diverse range of voices in this creative space. We’re aware of the historical importance of our catalogue and our visibility, but we’re definitely not looking to monopolise anything. That’s why we’re constantly tinkering with new ideas, like crafting a new website, retiring certain typeface families, and figuring out what the SIL OFL license really means for us and our community. We are also taking into account feedback concerning the overuse of our typefaces by many students and colleagues, which encourages us to continue our efforts to promote a diversity of libre initiatives.

It is with this conviction that we maintain a list of historic, inspiring and cherished free foundries. You can find this collection just below. Please feel free to rummage through it, share it. That list being open-source, you can also contribute by submitting additions and changes.

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