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Designers posters for Trickster

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For the release of his last typeface, Trickster, its designer Jean-Baptiste Morizot asked 13 different designers to create unique posters. These posters were shown during the release party at la Générale on the 27th of November, 2017.

Each poster is for sale at a very limited edition of 2 copies, A1 format, 40 € port included. Drop us an email if you are interested before there are no more.

Lucas Le Bihan (Dreams Office) | Félicité Landrivon
AAAAA AtelierLionel Michée (Studio Feed)
Jean-Baptiste Morizot | Jérémy Landes (Studio Triple)
Anton Moglia | Théo Guillard
Murmure | Raphaël Bastide
Gaëtan Baehr | Lauren Coullard & Julien Imbert
Sébastien Hayez | Martin Desinde

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